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Turning 65? Let’s make this simple.

In the months leading up to turning 65, you will want to talk with us about what you will need to do.

A) If you ARE collecting Social Security

You will be automatically enrolled onto Medicare Parts A and B (and we will explain exactly what Parts A and B are and how they work).

B) If you are NOT collecting Social Security

1) Need to sign up for Part B.  You can do this three (3) months before your 65th birthday month by going to www.medicare.gov or by calling the San Luis Obispo Social Security office 855-207-4865.

2) You do not pay a monthly fee for Medicare Part A but you do for Part B. The standard Part B premium amount is $134 (or higher depending on your income). If you ARE collecting Social Security it will be automatically deducted from your check.  If you ARE NOT collecting Social Security you will be billed quarterly.

C) Now give us a CALL to sit down with us

We promise, no matter what the outcome, you will be NOT be confused anymore and you will enjoy the experience. No pressure. No money. Ever.

Most folks coming onto Medicare will pleasantly surprised at how good and affordable the coverage is. However, Medicare does not pay for everything. Part A (hospital coverage) and Part B (outpatient) have deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pays. That is why you sign up for a Medicare Supplement (also called Medi-Gap) and a prescription drug plan, known as Medicare Part D. Or, you can go onto a Medicare Advantage plan.

On these plans, Medicare will pay for a private insurance company to insure you. These plans are usually HMO’s, which means that there is a doctor list and you would be required to get referrals to see specialists. These plans can often have no monthly premium. That is possible because Medicare is paying the company to insure you.

We know these products inside and out and which doctors accept which plan. So go back the ABC’s above and let’s make this simple for you.


Whether you would like a Medicare Supplement, a Part D drug plan, or a Medicare Advantage plan, we will explain how it all works and make it very simple to understand for you.

We have been specializing in Medicare for more than 25 years and can often save folks hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.  Yes, it is very easy to make a costly mistake and there is no reason you need to spend to excess….. because….there is no charge to you, for our help. Whether you go directly to the insurance company or through our agency the price is exactly the same.  We are independent brokers, meaning we do not work with just one insurance company.  We can help you with multiple companies to find the right fit for you.


Open Enrollment for Part D drug coverage and Medicare Advantage plans starts on October 15th and closes on December 7th for the following years’ coverage.  Call us now for a brief consult.